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Lize Beekman is acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading singer-songwriters.  Her Afrikaans songs have endeared her to audiences, and over the years these songs have become known and loved.  Beekman’s gentle yet powerful performances carry the hallmarks of integrity and quality. Listen to her music on

Her creativity is, however, not limited to music only: visual art lovers now have the opportunity to experience and enjoy this exceptional talent on canvas and paper also.

Beekman’s visual art includes a gripping collection of mandalas. She re-invents and re-interprets this centuries-old art form in a fresh and unique way, inventing circles and whorls in order to represent a very personal journey.  Originally a Sanskrit word, “mandala” simply means “circle”, but in a larger context it symbolises the unity of Creation.  Indeed, here the mandalas not only become a cosmic representation of healing, but also refer to the complexity of life and death.

She explains…

“Music and lyrics have always been channels for me to express my emotions. However, in an extremely traumatic and hurtful time in my life I simply could not express my grief through words.  I had no knowledge of mandalas – they presented themselves to me unannounced.  I did not search for them; they were simply there.  I often draw for hours and days on end and sometimes lose track of time; for me the mandalas have become the letters, conversations, and the prayers of my heart and thoughts.  The creative process brings me immense peace and healing – it means a lot to me.”

It is the artist’s unique interpretation of this age-old art form (Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century nun, created mandalas as an expression of her faith) that makes her work unique.  The colour palette is often unexpected, and the detailed filigree of the mandalas reminds one of the finest lacework.  In the process of creation, her works become an exquisite journey of healing and peace.



Her first exhibition was held at the Tina Skukan Gallery in September 2013 and was a near sold-out within the first hour. 

The second exhibition took place at De Malle Meul Gallery in Philadelphia in April 2014. More than 50 Mandalas were sold.

See more info about upcoming exhibitions.

Where Lize Beekman at first engaged the imagination with her music and lyrics, art lovers now have the opportunity to enjoy both her musical talent and her ability to create extraordinary art.


4 thoughts on “About Lize

  1. carine le roux says:

    Woorde, musiek en beelde gaan hand aan hand. Die draaiboek van ‘Laaste Tango’ se tema-liedjie wat Lize geskryf het en sing, getuig hoe kreatiwiteit en emosies saamgevat word om die mooiste mooi uit te beeld. Lize is voorwaar ‘n skepper van kuns in verskillende genres.

  2. madelein roets says:

    Elmien, baie geluk met ‘n pragtige webwerf vir Lize se kuns! Lize, jou werke spreek boekdele. Ek is oortuig daarvan dat die werf nou jou werke internasionaal ook gaan laat blom. Ek’s mal daaroor dat ek nou sommer op ‘n gereelde basis vining kan kyk wat nuut is!

  3. Louise Rutherford says:

    Liewe Lize
    Ek het nie baie woorde nie, maar wel baie bewondering vir jou pragtige hande-werk. So jammer ek kon nie jou uitstalling maak nie. My beste wense gaan jou voor-uit- ek weet jy gaan nog n GROOOT naam word.

    Louise R

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful …..beautiful !!!!! Blessings ….may your wonderful talent continue to bring much joy to all who view and own your mandalas

    Love Merville

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