Colouring Book for Adults

Colouring book for adults by South African artist Lize Beekman. 10 hand drawn mandalas to colour.
  • BOOK RELEASE: 1 May 2015

  • TITLE OF BOOK:  “Colouring for Adults: Mandala Art by Lize Beekman”

  • TYPE OF BOOK:  Colouring Book

  • DIMENSIONS:  28cm x 28cm

  • PUBLISHED BY:  Lize Beekman

Colouring book for adults by South African artist Lize Beekman.Lize Beekman is well known and respected as a singer-songwriter, but in recent years also made her mark as visual artist, especially with her refined and detailed mandala art.  (Music website:

Since her interview on Kwêla (KYKNET) in 2013 about her personal journey and her art, she was overwhelmed with people asking for help and advice on drawing mandalas. There were also numerous requests to make some of her detailed mandalas available for colouring-in purposes.

Lize says: “I received so many requests for this, but due to the detail it entails, it took me quite a while to draw. Now, finally, the end result is available and I hope that it will be as meaningful to others as it is to me.  I am filled with excitement and gratitude that this day has finally arrived – my hand-drawn mandalas are ready to be shared in a colouring book for all to enjoy.” 

Colouring for Adults: Mandala Art by Lize Beekman is not an ordinary colouring book.  It consists of 10 detailed mandalas of 24,5cm diameter each and is printed on paper of the highest quality. The 200gsm thickness allows for an array of mediums to be used for colouring. Each mandala is signed with ‘Drawing by Lize Beekman’ and next to ‘Coloured by’ is a space for the name of the person who did the colouring.  Due to the detail it is recommended for adults, but children who likes a colour-in-challenge will also love this book!

What is a Mandala?

The word ‘mandala’ simply means ‘circle’ and in this art form the circle holds balancing visual elements.  In history it has had many meanings and different uses, for example, meditation, finding balance and connecting with the inner self. It is also often used in art therapy. Each individual experience mandalas differently however, and its charm lies in what it is and does for the individual, whether it is the simple fun of being creative, de-stressing at the end of a day, finding peace and calm or quieting your mind.

“Every mandala is your ‘circle’ to disappear into whenever you need to. When we create together, who knows what beauty might unfold.  I wish you many moments filled with joy and peace.”

Lize Beekman