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5 Ideas for colouring a mandala

Colouring book for adults by South African artist Lize Beekman.

Medium suggestions for colouring-in I gladly share the type of pencils, pens and ink I use to draw and colour my mandalas (see photograph list). It is definitely not the only options. The pencils I use are durable because my original works are for sale. Therefore some of these brands can be an unnecessary financial […]

Colouring Book for Adults

Colouring book for adults by South African artist Lize Beekman. 10 hand drawn mandalas to colour.

BOOK RELEASE: 1 May 2015 TITLE OF BOOK:  “Colouring for Adults: Mandala Art by Lize Beekman” TYPE OF BOOK:  Colouring Book DIMENSIONS:  28cm x 28cm PUBLISHED BY:  Lize Beekman Lize Beekman is well known and respected as a singer-songwriter, but in recent years also made her mark as visual artist, especially with her refined and […]

An angel leaves no footprints.

Lize Beekman BLOG Mandala art

Written: July 2012 Dear Reader, Someone once told me that when animals are feeling sick, they love nothing better than to lie down in sunspots, because sunlight is healing. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know that in these past few months, I’ve found rare moments of calm basking in the […]


Blog Lize Beekman Grace

1 APRIL 2012 Dear Reader, My day started with a cloudburst. The heavens threw its arms wide open, every water-bearing cloud was bundled together and then let loose. The parched Karoo-earth audibly groaned its delight. I could have sworn I heard a “Hallelujah!” in the middle of the acquiescence of the “Amen” at the end of […]

Who is Nelson Mandela in my life?

Nelson Mandela Mandala art by South African artist Lize Beekman

I believe that life is about being the best you can be – not with what you have, but with who you are. Who is Nelson Mandela in my life? To me, Nelson Mandela is the most beautiful example of someone who did exactly that. About 3 years ago I was asked to write a […]