5 Ideas for colouring a mandala

Colouring book for adults by South African artist Lize Beekman.

Medium suggestions for colouring-in

medium-voorstelleI gladly share the type of pencils, pens and ink I use to draw and colour my mandalas (see photograph list). It is definitely not the only options.

The pencils I use are durable because my original works are for sale. Therefore some of these brands can be an unnecessary financial expense if your aim is to colour in for joy and relaxation.

My first suggestion is NORMAL COLOURING-IN PENCILS and a good sharpener. With colouring pencils you will be able to colour the bigger spaces as well as the detail. Pencils will also enable you to do shading and to let one colour flow into another, if you would want to. There is a wide variety of set sizes and brands you can choose from to suit your needs and they are easily obtainable from a variety of shops.

I even saw someone who used NORMAL GREY SKETCHING PENCILS (2B, HB and H) to colour a mandala. The mandala was filled with the alternation of dark and light; hard and soft. The end result – beautiful!

Another option is to use MARKERS (for example the Copic Ciao pen and the Graphit pen on the photograph-list). These pens are imported and consequently quite expensive – one pen costs more than a whole set of pencils!  The finer nibs on these pens are sometimes still too broad to colour some of the detail. When colouring the larger spaces these pens tend to create a ‘streaky’ appearance and the pen dries quickly. I am not aware of a cheaper option marker of which the ink will not fade over years, so if you do come across such a product, please let us know!

On my photograph-list there is also an example of a VERY FINE BRUSH and a BOTTLE OF INK that I use. The specific brand that I use, is pigment based and not water based. It is also durable. A fine brush with WATER COLOUR and/or ACRYLIC PAINT and a “steady hand” will also work. I personally do not use water colour as it fades over time, but if conservation of your painted mandala is not your goal, you can use it with ease. Acrylic paint is of course thicker, and will be difficult to use in the detailed areas, but with practise you will become accustomed to the product. So, if it is your desire to use acrylic paint to colour in, keep heart!

I chose the thickest PAPER for the colouring book so that you can use a variety of mediums to colour, but remember that paper stays paper and if it gets drenched with liquid (paint products) it will warp. Because of the thickness of the paper, no medium should show through to the next page. I also took care choosing the binding for the book – it is glued (like a sketch pad) on the spine – so that you can easily tear out the page, place it on a different surface and colour.

Enjoy colouring! I am looking forward to seeing all the beauty! Please share your coloured mandalas on Facebook or Pinterest and use #ColouringForGrownUps.